Agency Benefits

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Participant Benefits

  • Maintain your independence
  • Gain additional markets*
  • Achieve higher commission and contingency potential
  • Marketing assistance
  • Group buying discounts
  • Networking with other participants
  • Access to internet web design specialists

* Subject to carrier approval

Our Purpose

The main purpose of Agency Partners, Inc. (API) is to serve as an aggregate partner to help grow the business of individual participant agencies. Our mission rests on the principle that there is power in numbers; we use the strength of the group to decrease business costs with a buying power that independent agents don’t have on their own. With aggregated insurance premium volume, our members have the ability to participate in profit sharing, incentives, and bonuses with more carriers and with more consistency than using only their own individual agency volume. This aggregate system has been effectively reducing costs, increasing revenues, and improving agency growth since 2007.

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API Scope of Operations

The scope of operations for API includes sales, marketing, processing of property and casualty insurance, bonding, life insurance, health insurance and services. It also includes risk management, claims adjusting, loss control and other insurance related financial services. API may, by contract, limit or prohibit participants from engaging in any of these services under the Agency Partners Inc. (API) umbrella.

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